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Want to stand out from the crowd?

You, your company, service or product have a remarkable story to share. But it’s hard to know where to start, what to say, and what to leave out. And above all, how to get your readers to pay attention and take action.

Hi, I’m Andrew Morris, and I’m here to make life easier for you.

How? By telling your story in a way that speaks directly to your readers’ hearts and minds – and helps you reap exactly the results you want.

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Translator, Cardenas, Cuba

“Any person educated enough might be able to put a few words together into a sentence. But breathing life into your story, crafting it with the perfect tone, cadenza, intent – that takes a real genius wordsmith (or should I say master) like Andrew here. He has a way with words that makes you read your own story, awestruck, and think: Well, how great am I?”

Davíd Lavie

Writer, New York City, USA
“A is for authenticity. It is a concept much bandied about these days, but it is precisely that authenticity that best characterises Andrew’s writing for me. He writes with the sort of emotional honesty that necessarily translates into compelling copy, which means engaging texts, which means results.”


Human Rights Activist, Accra, Ghana
“Each time I come across content published by Andrew Morris, including his article about me and my city, my fascination and utmost appreciation for his creativity is renewed. Andrew transforms human, work and life experiences into captivating pieces, producing a seamless thread of authentic, beautiful and free-flowing narrative which is sure to linger on the minds of readers.”

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