You’ve got the story, I’ve got the words

You know you have a real contribution to make, but when it comes to communicating that to the wider world, you’re at a bit of a loss. Maybe you don’t have the time, or the confidence in your writing, or yourself, or even your English.

And there’s so much chatter around – everyone has a microphone and a keyboard these days – that it’s impossible to grab (and keep) your readers’ attention.

The right words can make that happen. I’ll give your story a unique edge and cut right through the noise. And take your readers a giant step closer to reaching out to you, hiring you for their team, buying your service or product, or simply celebrating who you are and how you got there.

It’s time to change the way you tell your story. It’s time to be seen and heard.

Let’s get started.

How it works

We begin with a brief chat to explore your needs. I then interview you in more detail and research your target readers thoroughly. Next, I start writing and get back to you with the results. Once that’s done, we compare notes and fine-tune the final version until you’re so delighted with the message, you can’t wait to share it…


Gillian Tasker

Educator, Wellington, New Zealand
“Andrew wrote an inspired eulogy to be read at my husband Ross’s funeral. Not only was it a wonderful tribute to his professional life, it evoked the very essence of him as a person. It was written with love, sincerity, respect, and a delightful touch of humour. It is a precious piece in our memorabilia of Ross. It continues to give comfort to myself and our children, and pride to our grandchildren as they learn about this exceptional grandad they never got to meet.”

Norhan Mahmood

Interpreter, Cairo, Egypt

Andrew sent me a worksheet with elaborate questions. Based on my answers, he diligently wrote a website copy that makes me proud of myself and achievements. When I first read it, I went “I want to hire me!”. His questions did not only guide his writing, they also made me consider aspects of my newly founded business that I haven’t considered before. It was really enlightening.”

Mia Liou

Translator, Taoyuan, Taiwan
“Andrew presented my daily life in this city as a translator with brilliant and exquisite phrases. His article precisely reflected my ideas communicated during our interview. I feel privileged to have this opportunity to be one of his writing subjects.”

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