Human Tales

It was going to be a long evening. Stuck in the corner at a dinner party a few decades ago, my only interlocutor was dour and uncommunicative. Brian, it turned out, was a postman. Not a huge fan of wasted evenings, I began to ply him with questions about the challenges and the joys of being out on the streets delivering mail at 4am. I wanted to find out what makes a postman tick.

Slowly, he lowered his guard and came alive. I realised, not for the first time, that most people are fascinated by their own stories. And rightly so, because everyone has a unique tale to tell – if you ask the right questions, and know how to listen.

Fast forward to 2019, when on a plane from Syracuse to New York City, the unassuming elderly woman next to me asked me what I’d been doing upstate. Familiar with my own story, I quickly sought out hers, and sat in shock as she told me how her husband had been gunned down by Sudanese rebels years ago in Africa.

We all have a narrative to share. I’ve seen that confirmed time and again in the hundreds of interviews I’ve conducted and profiles I’ve written over the years. And that applies not only to who you are, but also to the service you offer, or the product you make.

All we need to do is draw the reader in…

My Story

My entire life has revolved around words.

Communication is the thread running throughout, as a lifelong language student (I’m currently on no. 17, having lived in 11 countries), a teacher and teacher trainer for 20 years, and a translator for 10. Not to mention my years as a journalist in the features section of the no.1 weekend magazine in a faraway country I’m pretty sure you’ve never visited…

And now I want to use my way with words to help you shine, whether to further your career, sell your stuff, or simply capture a moment. Tell My Story is about marrying the power of my writing with the power of your story, service or product, and showing you in the best possible light.

When not writing, you’ll find me on long walks along the beach near Marbella, usually thinking about… writing. But when I finally locate the off-switch, I’ll pick up my guitar or a fine book. Or I’ll be in the kitchen, honing my vegan cookery skills, and rustling up what are almost certainly the most delicious falafel ever made by a Welshman.



Web Developer, digital nomad (Ukrainian origin)
“Andrew is an astonishing writer who writes with simple words. His posts on Instagram about translators and a Facebook series about employees are the main reason that I check those networks. He writes really fast and captures exactly the right vibrations.”

Zena Alzinc

Translator, Tartus, Syria

“I was honoured to be part of the Postcards Series. My city Tartus, Syria, was given its worth as well as my journey as a translator in my country. The notes I provided Andrew with were some random thoughts and I was really pleased with the result. The articles came out to portray my country in a very beautiful way. Everything I mentioned was merged with Andrew’s mesmerizing words into a genuine piece of art. I am really thankful for Andrew for everything he did.”

Tony Wright

Writer & educator, Ivybridge, UK
“As well as being a master linguist and translator, Andrew is a gifted editor. As well as having a fine eye for writing style, he also has the knack of offering valuable feedback on content. He writes accessible and accurate comments and above all is supportive, encouraging and funny. He understands the emotional commitment of writing. I am so lucky to have had his input into my writing.”

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