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Professional writer and translator. Described by his mother as “a genius” and by everyone else as “that Welsh bloke”.

December 21, 2020

Launching a new business is always an adventure, and perhaps particularly in times of pandemics sweeping the globe, but I’m delighted to report that Tell My Story, now all of four months old, is a healthy, bouncing, gurgling baby and shows every sign of growing into a boisterous toddler in the not too distant future. 

Some early business coaching, my activities on LinkedIn and Facebook and the support of social media professionals, the bush telegraph, word of mouth and above all this website have done a sterling job. As a result I’ve already built up a robust client base, covering pretty much the full range of services I offer, from websites to LinkedIn profiles, and from professional portraits to application letters.

I’ve met some fabulous individuals along the way, scattered across the globe from Berlin to Cairo and from London to Philadelphia. Some of them have now become regular clients, who have helped me delve into worlds as fascinating and varied as Egypt, artisanal soap, European-African relations, interior architecture, yoga and physiotherapy. 

Great conversations, plenty of learning, and encounters with engaging people passionate about their business.

My aim has always been to use the power of words (coupled with the power of listening of course) to help you first analyse and then advance your cause, your service or your product. That’s the role of the questionnaire and in-depth interviews which are a hallmark of the Tell My Story experience. 

It’s extremely rewarding to see you emerge from the process with greater clarity, fresh energy, and even deeper commitment to what it is you want to do in the world, and to be able to help you frame that in ways that speak to your readers and clients. 

Your contribution, my words. Together we make a great team.

I wish you all a very happy holiday season (as far as that’s possible under the circumstances) and let’s all hope for a less eventful 2021! 

May we live in normal times once again….

Over to you

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