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Connect your offering to your clients’ needs

Your website is your showcase to the world. Beyond the pictures and the colours, it’s the copy that really sells, and keeps people wanting to read more. Or not. Could it be that the message is too geared towards yourself and not enough towards your clients’ needs? Let’s fix that, with a text which speaks to your readers and makes it clear what’s in it for them. As a result, they’ll be far more likely to take the follow-up action you want – buying your service or product.

LinkedIn Profiles

Put your best foot forward in the professional sphere

Does your LinkedIn profile reach out to your clients, or simply resemble a long and rather boring CV? The more client-focused, the more likely it is to attract prospects and lead to genuine links and positive outcomes. I’ll take your current text and help you re-orient it, or maybe we’ll start again. Either way, the aim will be to draw your clients in with an offer that’s relevant to them, while still highlighting what makes you unique. 


Boost your personal branding with an engaging communiqué

If you’re looking to bolster your career with a more in-depth and reader-friendly overview of your achievements and potential, opt for a 6-page article, formatted in magazine-style, complete with photos. Ideal for sending to prospects. Your story, and what you’ve become, will strengthen your case for being selected or winning new projects or funding. 


Covering letters for job applications

Channel your experience and talents into a winning formula

If writing’s not your thing, you can shoot yourself in the foot with a badly written covering letter. I’ll share a formula with you for making sure you come across as skilled and confident, attracted to the company you are applying to, and uniquely positioned to add value and fulfil the role you seek. 

Personal, family or travel stories

Capture precious memories for yourself and your loved ones

Want to capture a family event, a meeting, a journey or a milestone for yourself, your family or friends? Working together with you to record all the glorious detail, I’ll write your story in engaging and compelling fashion, giving you a memento and a keepsake to be treasured for decades to come.


Revising and editing

Refine and fine-tune your existing texts to give them extra polish and punch

If you’ve already tried your hand at writing an advertorial, profile, application or anecdote and need a second pair of eyes, I’ll be delighted to offer a constructive second opinion, commending what you’ve done well, and making suggestions for improvement, finetuning it until we reach a document that’s both fluent and polished. 

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